I have always been in awe of calligraphy’s form, shape, and use of empty space. I love that it’s carefully crafted in order to stir emotion while conveying a thought, or feeling, beyond the self. It should come as no surprise then, that when I learned schools would no longer be teaching script to children, I was devastated. I just knew that I had to help keep this art form alive; however, I also honestly saw no reason why modern technology could not be leveraged into a melding of what seemed old and worthless, with what’s new, and better able to help preserve our precious environment.

So, no more nibs, ink, and wasted paper. In today’s generation, gorgeous hand lettered art can be crafted on a tablet by using a stylus. This means that sketch after sketch can be drawn and discarded, all without killing one tree. And when the final artwork is achieved, it can be shared digitally for an on-screen presentation or printed as a finished piece.

In the end, it’s the organic look and inviting spirit of calligraphy and hand lettering that makes it so nostalgic, but it is my hope that this gorgeous art form will bring an even deeper and more personal meaning to you when it collides with the benefits of modern technology.