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Kendra Vaughan Hovey

Hi! I’m Kendra, the artist behind Loft Full of Letters. I’m a hand letterer and designer in America’s Hometown, Plymouth, MA. I attended college in Providence, RI, and was raised just south of Boston.

My lettering art features digital watercolors, chalkboards, and canvases with vibrant colors and fun letterforms. I’ve had the pleasure of creating lettering artwork for both individual clients and businesses. Some companies I’ve worked with are Blue Diamond Dental Lab, Serendipity Stables of Chiltonville, Lynch and Lynch, Alec Hovey Photography, Hogan Design, and Cookie Insanity.

I’ve held several successful creative careers over the years as a hotel manager, restaurant manager, cake decorator, hairdresser, alternative-faith minister, author, blogger, and photographer that have helped shape me into the artist I am today.

My work over the years has been featured on TLC (The Learning Channel), Amazon, and in several Massachusetts hospitals. I have also been invited to speak for numerous seminars, podcasts, and radio shows.

When I’m not hand lettering, I nurture my creativity by curling up with my Siamese cat, Havanese puppy, and a good book. I also enjoy taking long evening walks on the beach and cooking healthy, allergy-friendly meals to share with my family and friends.

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