Hi, I’m Kendra Vaughan, the artist at Loft Full of Letters. Welcome to my lettering story.

As with most artists, my story began when I was a small child. I found myself fascinated with people’s handwriting styles. My mother, Francine, always signed her name with the most beautiful Fs I had ever seen. And when my older sister wrote the letters of her name, she wrote them like a string of puffed-up, connected bubbles. After seeing what they could create with the letters of the alphabet using just a pen, I was inspired to draw, doodle, and write for hours in my journals in an effort to come up with something equally as admirable. My letter obsession has followed me my entire life.

Today, now that mostly everything is done on computers, I have an even deeper appreciation for the organic look and the inviting spirit of hand lettering. Calligraphy and hand lettering draw people in to let them know there’s actually a person behind those beautifully crafted and meaningful words.

I am blessed at this point in my life to be on an artistic journey that allows me toย create and share something beautiful with others. If you like what you see, or if you are interested in having me work on a project for you, please email me at LoftFullofLetters@gmail.com and let’s talk about it.